Mission Statement


    Desert Outreach Synagogue was established to unite the Jewish population in the Coachella Valley by appealing to a diverse community. Desert Outreach Synagogue is a vibrant, engaging, diverse and welcoming congregation for everyone from the youth to the senior, the observant to the unaffiliated, secular, to those seeking an alternative, cynics, activists and the passive, to those seeking to explore and renew their connection to Judaism. Our community is known for its diversity and we will work towards igniting sparks of life and creating a sense of belonging, community and a life of purpose.



    Desert Outreach Synagogue was established to come together to worship, study, celebrate our happy occasions, to be supportive to one another through the difficult times, work towards social justice for all and to be a place that is inclusive rather than exclusive. We are open to all. Our objectives are to serve unaffiliated Jewish people who don’t want to pay the often heavy annual cost of belonging to a traditional Synagogue and secondly, non conforming Jewish people who are choosing to follow their hearts and minds, yet still want to keep a connection to their Jewish heritage and culture, interfaith families and all who want and need a place to call home.

    We are a diverse congregation. Among our families are couples with children, seniors, single parents, same-sex partners, interfaith couples, and singles. We embrace the varied orientations of Judaism in contemporary society and want to make this place an extension of your home.

    We celebrate our Jewish heritage in an egalitarian atmosphere that invites participation and creativity. Desert Outreach Synagogue is a place where the creative meets the alternative and blends with the traditional.

    Through a spiritual connection, various life cycles and other type of observances, educational programs, and social gatherings, our synagogue offers opportunities for individuals and families to enrich their lives, to connect with others, and to discover their own relationship with Judaism.

“Come join us! You already belong!”


The best way I can explain is to say….

    Rabbi Jules is not about labels. We welcome everyone. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, the unaffiliated, secular, and most of all we welcome inclusion of all versus exclusion. We welcome those in our community of interfaith families, LGBT and those seeking to know more.

    “We are not your grandfathers shul!” We are a new inclusive and exciting Jewish community where you can reconnect or connect for the first time. We blend the creative into our services.